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Emperor Watch & Jewellery is an internationally acclaimed retailer of prestigious timepieces and a manufacturer of contemporary and sophisticated jewellery. The foundation for the company was laid with Mr Yeung Shing’s founding of Shing On Kee Watch Shop in 1942. Over the years, Emperor Watch & Jewellery has undertaken a determined pursuit of excellence. This commitment serves as a guarantee for the quality of products and services it provides. The business of Emperor Watch & Jewellery began with the importing of premium timepieces from around the world. Today, the company has thrived as a trusted partner of leading brands over the past decades. In the 1960s, Emperor Watch & Jewellery designed and manufactured jewellery on its own. Emperor Jewellery has been committed to superior innovation and craftsmanship, creating exquisite high-end jewellery by putting its fashion sense forward to add more new and unique ideas to its designs. Every piece of remarkable jewellery from Emperor Jewellery represents a touching story that marks the important moments of one’s journey of life.