Nong's Chinese Medicine Clinic



Opening Hours

10:00 - 19:00

Contact Number

2954 0038


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Through a combination of Chinese medical skills, innovative technology, contemporary medicine and modernized management, Nong’s Chinese Medicine Clinic provides patients with reliable Chinese medical service as well as Concentrated Chinese medicine granules. *High-quality Chinese Medical Service : All practitioners are qualified University graduates and registered in Hong Kong, and acupuncture, cupping and dressing services are also offered so as to provide the most suitable treatment for patients. *Tailor-made Health-keeping Service : We believe everyone has his own needs. Our clients can understand their own body type through detailed analysis by our Chinese Medicine Practitioner before consuming health products. *Scientific management, human-based service : Modern scientific management and advanced medical equipment are used in every process from registration to prescription dispensation. All medical records are computerized for easy retrieve. *Accurate and hygienic dispensary system : The computerized dispensary system we used can re-check every type of herbal granules, which can avoid human error.