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Return to professional, loyal to quality, it is ORiental TRaffic shoe stuck with the idea. The spring of 2002, ORiental TRaffic brand Shimokitazawa shop emerge in Tokyo, Japan, in a number of small storefront floor, the start of the brand's legendary ORiental TRaffic. ORiental TRaffic uphold the shoes as well as the requirements of quality and professional services, from design, making, production to final sales and service, ORiental TRaffic "one-stop" business core, to fully grasp the pulse of the market and customer needs, hopes Each pair of shoes to go home girl sweetheart who can ORiental TRaffic for wearing shoes even more unusual, but also make these girls were able for their sweetheart baby feet, finding a comfortable home. Chara also hope that these girls have come back ORiental TRaffic shoes. Because of this insistence and ideas, relying on these ORiental TRaffic loyal fans by word of mouth, so ORiental TRaffic brand shoes in the competitive Japanese market, quickly establish reputation and credibility, in addition, Japan major counter and department store group is eager to set up cabinets invited to stagnation, and thus allow more girls sweetheart who is more convenient to buy good shoes ORiental TRaffic. Today, ORiental TRaffic ten successful brand in Japan, nearly 75 new stores, the group size is also nearly 450 people, uphold the insistence step by step, in spring 2013, officially entered the Hong Kong market, hoping to make more girls sweetheart were able to wear good shoes, but also look ORiental TRaffic create a "wonderful years."